Lorn Macintyre Scottish Author and Scriptwriter  


Lorn Macintyre Scottish Author and Scriptwriter

LORN MACINTYRE was brought up at Dunstaffnage House, Connel, Argyllshire, where the influence of Angus Campbell, 20th Hereditary Captain of Dunstaffnage, would provide inspiration for the Invernevis saga, of which the Press & Journal wrote: “The transition from feudalism is the overriding theme of the series which Lorn Macintyre, one of the most brilliant of contemporary Scottish fiction writers, has embarked upon.”

A Snowball in Summer: Lorn Macintyre's latest publication. A paperback book of poetry evoking Lorn Macintyre’s childhood at Dunstaffnage House, Connel, and Taynuilt, Argyll.
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The Chronicles of Invernevis take the Macdonalds from the 19th century, through several wars, to early in the 21st century. New editions of Cruel in the Shadow and The Blind Bend are currently in preparation. Empty Footsteps, the third novel, was hailed by the Scottish Field as:

“An epic novel of extreme passion and tenderness; a deeply moving tale that blends its pain and sorrow with love and laughter, evoking memories of a time and a place once dearly loved, now gone for ever, but never forgotten.”

An expanded edition of Empty Footsteps is forthcoming as The Waterloo Woods in Retreat. Meanwhile the fifth and final Invernevis novel approaches completion.

Illustration shows the front cover of the fourth Chronicle of Invernevis, The Broken Lyre, published in February 2008 from Black Ace Books. For details of this novel, set largely in the Second World War and featuring Unity Mitford and Count Janos Almasy (who spent part of his honeymoon at Dunstaffnage House) please click on the Books section.


A Snowball in Summer:Poems by Lorn Macintyre

The Broken Lyre from The Chronicles of Invernevis

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